Planning Matters

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General Planning Matters

After each Parish Council meeting, there will be an entry in the Lydden

Vale News covering planning applications. Please be aware that due to

the nature of the process, the information will probably be out of date and

it may be too late to make representations by the time it is published. 

Planning matters are included in the Parish Council Minutes, published

each month.

You can also keep a check on new applications locally by clicking on the

Dorset Planning Applications button opposite.  Simply enter "Buckland

Newton" in the box marked "Parish".  You don't need to know a planning

number. This will bring up all the latest applications, and clicking on the

"Select" box will not only bring up the plans, but also gives you the

opportunity to send in your comments on any application immediately on

line. If you are concerned about a planning application, or whether you

need to apply for permission, you are very welcome to call the Dorset

Council helpdesk on 01305 251010.

Latest Planning Applications

Listed below are the recent planning applications notified to the Parish Council.  For full details of an application, please check the Dorset Council website. 19th February 2021 Application No: WD/D/20/003076 Location: The Old Farmhouse Bookham Lane Buckland Newton Dorset DT2 7DJ Proposal: Adapt former dairy building to create one dwelling 17th February 2021 Application No: WD/D/20/002718 Location: HENLEY OLD FARM, HENLEY, DORCHESTER, DT2 7BL Proposal: Connection from existing ditch to new silt/sediment trap (Retrospective) 7th January 2021 SECTION 53, WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981 APPLICATION FOR A DEFINITIVE MAP MODIFICATION ORDER – T580, Buckland Newton An application has been made to modify the definitive map and statement of rights of way in the parish of Buckland Newton. The effect of the application, if successful, will be to alter Dorset Council’s record of public rights of way by adding a bridleway and upgrading part of a footpath to a bridleway in the parish of Buckland Newton. Click to see a plan showing the claimed route and other related documents. 4th January 2021 Application Number: WD/D/20/002693 Proposal: Removal of glass roof & creation of south facing first floor balcony Location: WRETH FARM, BOOKHAM LANE, BUCKLAND NEWTON, DORCHESTER, DT2 7DL 17th November 2020 Application Number: WD/D/20/002255 Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling house and attached garage, erection of a replacement dwelling house with detached garage Location: HIGHER FARM, MAJORS COMMON, BUCKLAND NEWTON, DORCHESTER, DT2 7BZ 9th September 2020 Application Number: WD/D/20/001645 Proposal: Erect first floor extension Location: 1 PROVIDENCE ROW, BUCKLAND NEWTON, DORCHESTER, DT2 7BU 3rd September 2020 Application Number: WD/D/20/001712 Proposal: Erection of 4 no. dwellings Location: DUNTISH FARM, FACTORY LANE, BUCKLAND NEWTON, DORCHESTER, DT2 7DS
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