Buckland Newton Parish Council Contact page


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     Buckland Newton Parish Council
in the heart of rural Dorset

If you need to contact Buckland Newton

Parish Council, please e-mail The Parish

Clerk, who will deal with your request or

pass your request to the relevant Parish

Councillor or advise you which Dorset

Council Department would be relevant to

your needs.


Parish Clerk: e-mail  bucklandnewton@dorset-aptc.gov.uk Tel: 01258 817288 Your District Councillors are Jill Haynes  (Chalk Valleys Ward - 6 Orchard Close, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorchester DT2 9PF tel: 01300 341277)  and Pauline Batstone  (Blackmore Vale Ward - tel: 01258 472583).
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