Refuse and Recycling Information

Information on Waste Disposal if anyone in your

household has Covid-19

A link to a news release reminding Dorset residents what to do with their rubbish and recycling if they or someone in their household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) – Reopening

parking bays and resale areas

Now that public health measures are widely understood and mitigated against, the Council is working closely with site operators W&S Recycling to test the opening of more parking bays at various HRCs in order to accommodate more visitors and reduce queuing times. We will also try reopening resale areas on a limited basis in the interest of reusing more of the items dropped off. Visitors to these areas should note the following: –     Hand sanitiser will be available, and all visitors will be reminded to make use of it     Visitors will be advised not to touch surfaces and products unless necessary     Payments are to be made using a card contactless system. Cash will only be taken if the exact amount is given. We ask that site users continue to observe social distancing measures when visiting a HRC. Unfortunately, site employees are still currently unable to help with unloading and lifting waste. If this testing proves successful, we may introduce the new arrangements at all sites in due course while continuing to monitor the situation in line with updated public health guidance emerging from central government. Please note that all Dorset HRCs move to Winter opening hours (10am to 4pm daily) from Thursday 1 October. Recycling and Refuse Collection and Calendar To find out which day is your recycling collection day, go to Your Rubbish and Recycling Day Information and enter your postcode, select your address, 'return to content', then 'view all data from My Local'.  Then click to view your next collection day. For refuse and Recycling information over the Christmas 2020 period (changed collection days etc), click on graphic at left.

Your Bin Collection - what the District Council will and will not

collect free of charge in West Dorset.  The Council are now

enforcing their existing Waste Collection Policy to try and reduce

landfill waste still further.  In the past, this policy should have

charged for Garden Waste and Commercial collections but has

not always done so.

Ordinary Household Waste and Recycled paper, tin and

glass: Uncharged collection continues.

Garden Waste:  There is now a scheme for our locality: for £52

per year (240-litre wheelie bin) or £47 per year (50 x bags) you

can have garden waste collected fortnightly.  Sign up on-line at

Dorset Garden Waste Collection Information

The free alternative is to compost it in the garden or take it to the

Household Waste Recycling Centre at Louds Mill in Dorchester

for onward  composting. 

Commercial Waste:  That generated by business premises such

as pubs, shops or business units, has to be in a Dorset Council

wheeled bin or prepaid blue "Trade" sack if you want it collected

by the Council.

Domestic properties offering  Bed & Breakfast

accommodation:  Uncharged collection as this is treated as

ordinary household waste.

Commercially-run Holiday Cottages:  These should pay to

have their waste collected using either prepaid blue Trade* sacks

or a Dorset Council wheeled bin.  As each situation is unique, it

may help to phone 01305 262117 to discuss which is the most

economic route to collect this waste.

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