Rights of Way and Footpaths

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in the heart of rural Dorset

Reporting issues with footpaths

Stephen White is a Rights of Way Liaison Officer for the Dorset

Coast & Countryside Service covering Buckland Newton. His

contact number is 01300 345431 or 07773 283764. Stephen’s role

is to investigate any issues regarding footpaths or bridle-paths

within the parish of Buckland Newton and to report these directly to

Dorset County Council. However, anyone can report issues directly

themselves, online at: Issues with Dorset Footpaths or by

telephone on 01305 224463.

7th January 2021 SECTION 53, WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981 APPLICATION FOR A DEFINITIVE MAP MODIFICATION ORDER – T580, Buckland Newton An application has been made to modify the definitive map and statement of rights of way in the parish of Buckland Newton. The effect of the application, if successful, will be to alter Dorset Council’s record of public rights of way by adding a bridleway and upgrading part of a footpath to a bridleway in the parish of Buckland Newton. Click to see a plan showing the claimed route and other related documents.
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