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Parish Council Meeting Dates

Meetings are held in the Parish Pavilion 7.30 pm normally every second Tuesday of each month.  If

there are any changes, a note will be posted on the Parish Pavilion door or noticeboard.  During the

Covid-19 pandemic, meetings are held via Zoom.

If you have any Parish concerns please contact the Parish Clerk bucklandnewton@dorset-

aptc.gov.uk or any of the Councillors.   The Agenda and associated Schedule for the April 2021

meeting can be viewed here.

Parish Council meetings are preceded by a 'Democratic Half Hour' to allow members of the Parish to

make representations at the meeting. This will be added to the Agenda, before the main body of the

meeting takes place, allowing Parishioners to then leave if they wish. If you would like to take

advantage of this opportunity, or would prefer to write or e-mail your concerns or potential resolutions,

please can you advise the Chair or Parish Clerk at least five days before the meeting, if possible.

Meeting dates for 2021: Tuesday 13th April Tuesday 11th May Tuesday 8th June Tuesday 13th July Tuesday 10th August Tuesday 14th September Tuesday 12th October Tuesday 9th November

Tuesday 14th December

Minutes of Buckland Newton Parish Council Meetings are available on-line from December 2008. 

Please use the buttons below to view these Minutes.  For copies of earlier Minutes, please e-mail the

Parish Clerk.